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Connecting the world one package at a time. Ship with WRELAY® today!

We provide fast, safe, and eco-sustainable shipping.

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User Benefits


Have your package transported in as much as a flights time!


Our inspection facility will make sure that no illegal items are approved for release.


Our patent-pending process maximizes the efficient utilization of any means of transportation.


WRELAY® is a convenient and faster way to ship reducing CO2 emissions while offering every day travelers a source of income.

Our Mission

To efficiently connect the world by providing eco-sustainable shipping & travel solutions with opportunities accessible to everyone anywhere.

about us


  • WRELAY® or “We Relay” is our name due to the nature of our business. We relay packages from one user to the next.
  • WRELAY® was founded on a set of values that represent a need for continuous advancements within the worldwide shipping/transportation industry. We envisioned and acted on creating a more efficient and eco-sustainable method of package transportation.
  • We act on bringing innovation that both fulfills a need and respects Mother Nature, it is the way our values align with our vision and shape our business culture.
  • In a world that runs on outdated and inefficient shipping systems, we are here to be the change where worldwide package transportation is effective and efficient. We are WRELAY®.
  • WRELAY® prioritizes safety, eco-sustainability and efficiency.
  • Our users can have a package transported from our service area(s) to anywhere in the world.

WRELAY® Package Sizes

Please download our app to see all pricing.

Package Size – Linear IN Weight Price
Personal Item Under 24" Under 6 LBS Download App for Pricing
Carry-On/Half Suitcase 24 - 32" 6 - 18 LBS Download App for Pricing
Suitcase 32 - 55" 18 - 45 LBS Download App for Pricing
Custom Package Custom(irregular shape/size) 45+ LBS Download App for Pricing

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Any person over the age of 18 or business may send a package with WRELAY®.

Our packages are pre-screened to TSA standards. You can find TSA's list of what is permitted here.

Yes, all of our transporters go through a security screening and risk assessment to ensure their historical conduct is on par with the ability to provide the service.

Yes, our government-certified inspection program ensures no illegal items are approved for release to any user.

Departure Locations

South Florida

Shipping Destinations

World Wide

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    South Florida

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    (305) 918-2201

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